UFC’s Rampage Jackson on King Mo’s Positive Drug Test + Bisping Facing Sonnen


UFC’s Rampage Jackson on King Mo’s Positive Drug Test + Bisping Facing Sonnen – MMA HEAT’s Karyn Bryant sits down with UFC light heavyweight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and hears what he has to say about smack talk rival King Mo Lawal testing positive for steroids. (The news had broken just hours before the interview.) Quinton gives us some backstory on the verbal war they’ve publicly had, what he thinks of fighters who use steroids and what would happen if he did ever face Lawal inside the octagon. He also comments on the day’s other big news: the announcement that Mark Munoz would no longer face Chael Sonnen on the UFC on Fox show January 28, 2012, and would be replaced by Michael Bisping. Quinton lets us know what his friend Micheal is like to train with, how he thinks he’ll handle the short-notice bout and why he thinks people misunderstand the British fighter. Be sure to visit www.MMAheat.com for more interviews and archived episodes of our 1 hour TV show. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook: www.facebook.com * Follow MMAheat on Twitter: www.twitter.com * Follow Karyn on Twitter: www.twitter.com


UK to ban export of drug approved for use in US executions

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guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 10 July 2012 20.00 BST. A lethal injection chamber: Missouri is the first US state to allow propofol to be used in executions. Photograph: Dave Martin/AP. A bar on exports from the UK of a drug approved for use to execute …
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Thirteen arrested in Macon County for drug crimes

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Moberly, Mo. —. Macon County Sheriff Robert Dawson says that the heat has once again been turned up on drug crime. The Macon County Sheriff's Office began conducting covert operations when appropriations were received from the County Law Enforcement …
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Choice to use drug-eluting stents has little relation to patients' probable

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A new study finds that the use of drug-eluting stents after angioplasty bears little relationship to patients' predicted risk of restenosis of the treated coronary artery and that reducing the usage of the devices in low-risk patients could save more …
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Texas to use just 1 drug in executions

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Ohio was the first to use just pentobarbital, during a March 2011 execution. Other states, such as Missouri, plan to use propofol , the anesthetic blamed for Michael Jackson's death, to do single-drug executions. Death penalty opponents claim single …
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