What Do I Do About a Drug Smoker Downstairs?

Question by Captain Cliche: What do I do about a drug smoker downstairs?
We live in an apartment building that has a pretty good community of people. However, a new tenant moved into the apartment below us a couple weeks ago. We began to smell cigarette smoke around our bedroom and bathroom shortly thereafter, but we realize that people have a legal right to smoke in their own homes. But last night, the smell was drastically different. It was a sharp burnt smell like that of either marijuana or crack. We turned on the air purifier and sprayed lysol all night, but it was terribly difficult to sleep and I had a headache all night.

Cigarette smoke is one thing, but drugs are quite another. Are there any apartment laws here in Missouri regarding safety and health that I could use to stop this guy’s drug using?

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Answer by Taylor
Alert the landlord of the apartment about the problem, and most likely things will be taken care of. I hope your situation gets fixed 🙂

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2 Responses to What Do I Do About a Drug Smoker Downstairs?

  • Travis C says:

    Unfortunately you really can’t do anything about this situation. Of course unless you are 100% sure they are doing something illegal you don’t want to turn them in on the off chance that they might not be doing something illegal. You will make an enemy out of your neighbors and thats something no one wants. Keep in mind that marijuana and crack have to very different smells and if you’ve never smelled them it would be wrong of you to just assume. Things like this are all part of living in an apartment but you are not entirely powerless.

  • Xo says:

    Try talking to him first rather than creating a hostile invironment. Just go down there and explain that apparently the air conditioning or vents are joined together somewhere and when he smokes, it comes up to your room.
    So ask him to smoke in his back yard or outside instead.

    anyone who does drugs understands that the rest of the world doesn’t, and for that is easy going with direct confrontation over the matter.

    I’m going to also guess it was probably Marijuana since that stuff has a stronger scent of the two. which in that case, he is probably going to be really easy going and laid back.

    The worst that is going to happen is he’ll say “okay, cool I won’t do it anymore” and still do it, THEN go talk to the landlord.

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