What Do I Do?

Question by sagitariun4u: what do i do?
i have a 14 yr old daughter that i got custody of because of her mothers drug abuse. i gave her the world, i wanted to show her the good life. i recieved a call from her teacher one day, informing me that he was kicking her out of his class due to disrespect. so i grounded her. she had big plans to go to a party on new years, i told her no. that night she left with her mother at 2am while i was asleep and went to the police and put child abuse charges on me. so the following week i went to court to get sole custody papers, only to be served with a protection from abuse order. she crossed from missouri into ks so my hands were tied. all the charges were thrown out due to the bruise color chart but the worthles mother now has custody of her. this woman has lost her other daughter, put one kid up for adoption and has another on the way. the kcks court granted her custody, she quit her job, draws welfare and is now going for child support. what do i do?

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5 Responses to What Do I Do?

  • janicajayne says:

    Get a lawyer and see what your rights are, but my guess is you’ll pay child support and have to be happy with visitation rights.

  • PDX says:

    Get a lawyer and fight

  • 1TON says:

    Fight it, prove the mother is a drug addict and you will get custody back. But get the proof, first. Then take her back to court. If that doesn’t work, then you might have daughter who life is going to be really hard on her and she will have to learn the hard way if she wants to be grown. God Bless and Good Luck.

  • Carlito says:

    You could get a lawyer but they usually let kids that age choose which parent they want to live with. You gave her the world thereby spoiling her rotten and instead of respecting you she turned on you. Thats how spoiled kids act. All you can do now is talk to a lawyer.

  • Corozal says:

    First, why are you asking such a serious question here? That leads me to wonder how serious you are–and obviously this is incredibly important.

    That said, I suppose I’d ask about the bruise(s)–this is something for you to think about–did you do anything abusive, or is the charge nonsense?

    If it is nonsense, get a good lawyer. If you really love your daugther, it’s worth the cost (time, money, broken heart) to pay for the best lawyer in the world.

    If you want her back for the wrong reasons, consider doing the right thing and letting her go. I have a father who was abusive and left when I was 18. I haven’t seen him in almost 10 years. I think the best thing he has done in my life is to leave me alone. I hope that isn’t the case for you as well–but obviously you should do some soul searching.

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