What Do You Think of This?

Question by dtay: what do you think of this?
Would you be willing to give me your thoughts about my idea for crime prevention, I think it could end all disputes between those in favor of guns and those against and you actually respond to people with helpful advice. Thanks in advance d.tay phila,pa

I would like this to be thought about with an open mind and feeling of urgentcy that you could’nt feel unless you live in this enviorment and are facing life and death on a regular basis.

From: Dondae R. Taylor
Re: Crime prevention and drug addiction deterent

Idea: To stop senseless killings – Combat drugs

Item: Finger Locks – A device that ensures the inability to bend the trigger finger to a trigger pulling radius.

Court provisional – For murderers – arsonist – pedophiles – dui’s – drug users and sellers – border patrol – bank robbers – gang violence – prison violence and overcrowding – self committed rehabs

Police officers need this as an extra safety device and it can be used to narrow down suspects.
It would make it very difficult if not impossible to do the above crimes.
The offenders actually need this because many of them are unable to break their violent mindset.

It also would make it difficult to do drugs because the act of lighting a match or injecting a needle and so on requires the ability to bend two of your fingers that being index and middle fingers.
It could become so painstakingly difficult to get high that it becomes not worth the effort eventually

It seems a stronger approach is needed, lets make it harder to pull that trigger, lets have less grieving families, lets give an offender no other choice but to attend programs to help them change.

This problem is bigger than one city, state or country and my own public poll has had very positive feedback, It shows that people welcolm it . A person would think twice about walking into a bank or place of business with their finger restricted because it would immediatly draw attention to them.

We need to have it where whatever a criminals passion of crime is – it needs to be obvious right away to be able to deal with it without blood shed, With all the programs that I am familiar with this could assist with getting them to go and continue going.

Citizens will still own guns for their reason but those who should not will not be able to pull the trigger to do various crimes,.

The concept is not that much different from a splint, A person might have to wear a splint for months but the felon wears it (court appointed )while going thru applicable programs and if they’re not really doing anything constructive in their present life anyway then their not being held back from anything that is a contribution to society.
I just look at this as a means to an end that both sides could be happy with and really make an impact on the current problems.
Basically the rough draft is to control bending the trigger fingers by having just enough of padded metal to prevent a gun firing radius – Imagine having a ring on your finger that covers your knuckle or both the knuckles of the index finger and the ring finger.
Then there would be a thin but solid rod of cushioned metal that would travel from the metal around the fingers to a wrist lock – similar to hand cuffs but flat and cushioned for prolonged wearing and yes I believe a tracking device combination would make it a even stronger prevention device.

I envision that anyone court appointed to have to wear it would always keep their probation appointments and program assignments especially if during their classes or whatever – the device could be taken off while they are there. I think there is some tinkering around and different ways this could be manipulative for existing programs advantage.

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Answer by StephenUK
Finger locks?


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  • Amanda says:

    reminds me of the ankle things criminals wear when they’re under house arrest.. I don’t want to be rude or hurt your feelings but I don’t think a lot of people are going to support this idea. It would make it difficult for felons to pull triggers and inject drugs, yeah, but it would be pretty much impossible for them to do anything else at all. Also imagine trying to shower with one of those on. I totally appreciate the need for gun control and decreasing crime rates, but finger locks might not be the best way to solve the problem.

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