What Is the Percentage of People With Addiction?

Question by Shaquille Baren: What is the percentage of people with addiction?
Addiction in general.
It doesn’t have to be exact, just an estimate.

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Answer by destiny
This question would be impossible to answer as many people with addictions are in denial so therefore haven’t seeked help so there would not be the statistics to show this!

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Wellness Matters: Addicts aren't bad people, but they have a bad problem – and

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We now know that addiction is a chronic brain disease, that brain damage interferes with the addict's ability to respond to talking therapy, and that once the physical brain damage has been repaired, talking therapy and other elements of traditional …
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region looks to social media to help area youth fight addiction

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On the Facebook site, the young addicts share their deepest concerns with one another: How do they stay strong as they feel the urge to use? Will they relapse? Does anyone else have the same symptoms? The site, which is private for area youths …
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Tablet dump to help raise awareness of addiction to medication.: [journal.ie] Tablet dump to help raise awarenes… http://t.co/4btY92VS – by NDCIreland (NDC on Drug Use)


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@richardbranson please help to promote this fantastic service encouraging recovery from addiction in County Durham. http://t.co/ZrehRjiF – by Splash_Lucy (Lucy Groves)


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Musician John Batdorf plays songs to help people cope with addiction. He’s performing at Phoenix Programs, Inc. today. http://t.co/rowbkwnU – by VoxMag (Vox magazine)


2 Responses to What Is the Percentage of People With Addiction?

  • Paws says:

    not sure this is a question that can get a full answer. addictions as in drug , booze, gambling are and can have negative outcomes. Take these away and you still have the mind of the addict . 12 step program is my life .changing my thinking and my actions is key. Destiny wrapped it up ( first the addict must ADMIT) many of us think of drugs and booze, but food, shopping, sex, stealing the list goes on and on. I look at addiction as the Thinking Disease .

  • Karrie Macey says:

    Well, addiction can be of anything but if you are asking about drug addiction than the percentage is very high. In United State, 20.4 million people are addicted of drug and Iran has the highest drug addiction in the world.

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