What to Hear Stories About Drug Addiction?

Question by Juliea: What to hear stories about drug addiction?
I would like to know your or your friends’ personal experiences and the effects on the family relationships. How does the you or your family feel about the addiction now?

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Answer by Kelle
I work at the jail.

I couldn’t begin to tell you all the sad stories. Thousands of girls in their 20s who sold their self esteem for a hit.

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Trapper Creek Job Corps students share stories of drug addiction …: Judge to release edited version of Rehberg… http://t.co/JWGj2Lo5 – by LouanneBergeman (Louanne Bergemann)


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I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/OGF53BDT REAL LIFE DRUG STORY VIDEOS — Drug Addiction Experiences/Teenage Drugs Storiesby LilRose6969 (Rosa Diaz Gonzalez)


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I hate that most of the black success stories include drug addiction and financial trouble smh – by GAgyrl4L (Amaree’s Mommy)


3 Responses to What to Hear Stories About Drug Addiction?

  • Bart says:

    My uncle was (and is) addicted to meth. He’s in an asylum right now, getting treated. My cousin tried to commit suicide because of it. We couldn’t go anywhere to help because they all live in Canada. Sigh.

    Sorry, it’s kind of depressing, but I can tell you’re really interested. The addiction was like a monster. A monster that never stops. I almost got hooked once, but I’m glad I didn’t. Thank God. I hear the crash is worse and deeper than the high, and that’s why I turned it down.

    Again about my uncle…he’s finally recovering. If anything, I’m closer with my cousin, because I got him to say no and he actually cried. The punk rocker cried! And now we’re best friends.

    And…why did you want to know this again?

    I’ll stop talking your ears off now, lol, and hopefully everything goes well for you and your fam…


  • Sean says:

    A few very close friends of mine have had their share with addictions. Mainly with pain pills. One of them is like a brother to me. It was horrible watching him go through this. When someone is addicted to a substance they will lie, steal, and do or say just about anything to you to make you think other wise or that they are okay. This just isn’t the case, you must see past this and usually it’s not that hard to. I would never suggest advising someone you know that is having an addiction problem to go “cold turkey” as this is very dangerous and bad for their health. This is always the worst for the immediate family members as they see what is happening to their loved one and their loved one doesn’t realive or care what they are doing to themselves. People who do have a problem will never admit it. I remember my friends family calling me crying in the middle of the night saying they couldn’t find their son and he was up to no good. They needed help trying to locate him as they were severly concerned for his well being. As a friend or family member it is very important to be sure your loved one is surrounding themselves with positive people. Their influences are a major facor in their recovery.

  • littlelyn15 says:

    my grandpa died in 2004. i was in 4th grade. he was told by the doctor that if he drank any more alcohol or smoked any more he would die so on Christmas’s day he got a pack of bear and some cigarettes and went to his apartment where he died. my extended family is full of druggies,alcoholics and smokers on both side its suck a wast of human intelligence. and now 15 im left with only one grandma because all my grandpas on both sides drank themselves they died. and i don’t know most of my cousins, everyone tells stories about how they always known their cousins and how they and their cousins always have a blast. but i cant ever know how fun it is to play with my cousins because their addicted to one thing or another and my parents don’t want me around that stuff. and it sucks for them and for me and i will never say my grandpa is coming this Christmas or i saw my grandpa this weekend. because drugs controlled their life’s.

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