Anti Heroin in Missouri


Anti Heroin In Missouri – This video is one of many videos to come showing the pain, suffering & devastation that this drug is causing to families, friends & love ones. This is footage shot from Fenton & Affton Missouri. Future videos will have more interviews, pictures & heroin awareness.


Heroin Chic: More 20-Somethings Using Heroin, Report Says

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WTF, Gen Y? Certainly everyone our age has seen enough movies and heard about enough addicted celebrities to know that things go along swimmingly for your average drug user until they start using heroin. Then you're having sex with strangers and …
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Springfield deadly crashes on the rise

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"63 percent of the people who died this year in Missouri in traffic crashes where unbuckled. Just a simple thing … It's 2/3 of those fatality crashes were due to alcohol and drug abuse and that's really absolutely not necessary," Buttgen said firmly …
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Police Officer Making a Difference for Area Youth

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He got bit by the public service bug as the 1980s came to a close, and Wilken attended the Missouri Police Academy through the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. He became commissioned as a reserve police officer in 1990 and moved to … Shortly after …
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2 Responses to Anti Heroin in Missouri

  • professortj13 says:

    great video, ty for posting it. it’s not just heroin that kills us, it’s the disease of addiction, crack, coke, alcohol and anything that changes our? perspective on reality. anyone who might have a drug problem, or a loved one with a drug problem should contact the local Narcotics Anonymous in your area. look in the phone book, addiction does not have to devastate your family

  • beckalar says:

    if? more people would do this and get the word out younger people may not try it!!!

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