Tina Turner Nassau Coliseum 12-4-08 Steamy Window


Tina Turner Nassau Coliseum 12-4-08 Steamy Window – Tina Turner Nassau Coliseum 12-4-08 steamy windows. 1939 Born Anna Mae Bullock on Nov. 26 in Nutbush, Tenn. (hence the song “Nutbush City Limits”). After moving to St. Louis to be with her sister, Bullock starts frequenting clubs. She meets Ike Turner. 1962 Ike changes her name to Tina Turner and modifies his band name to the Ike and Tina Revue. They marry. 1971 Ike and Tina Turner release their biggest album, “Workin’ Together” (Liberty). The pair’s greatest success is a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary” – the song wins them a Grammy. 1975 Tina Turner releases “The Acid Queen,” to coincide with her appearance as … the Acid Queen in the movie version of The Who’s rock opera “Tommy.” By this time, her marriage to Ike is in a spiral, due to his controlling behavior, drug use and physical abuse. 1976 She leaves Ike in July. The two divorce in 1978. 1984 Turner releases the album “Private Dancer,” one of the biggest comebacks in pop history. She wins four Grammy Awards for her efforts. 1985 Four words: “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.” She portrays Aunty Entity and sings on the soundtrack. 1991 Ike and Tina Turner are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 1993 “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” the movie based on Turner’s memoir, “I, Tina,” is released. It stars Angela Bassett. 2000 After touring for her “Twenty Four Seven” album, Turner announces her retirement. 2007 Ike Turner dies on Dec. 12 after a long battle with emphysema. Tina Turner’s rep says


Seattle at Tulsa, 5 pm

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MLB—Suspended St. Louis Cardinals 1B Alan Ahmady for 50 games following a second violation for a drug of abuse and San Francisco Giants C Leonardo Rojas for 50 games after a positive test for metabolites of Nandrolone under the Minor League Drug …
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Municipal Court

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Dormal L. Smith Jr., 37, of 154 E. Cassilly St., distribution/drugs, use/possession of drug paraphernalia, innocent, continued. Jacob M. Smith, 27, of Westerville, improper handling of firearm/motor vehicle, open container, innocent, continued …
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24 Responses to Tina Turner Nassau Coliseum 12-4-08 Steamy Window

  • alomnitz says:

    What a great? show….Tina will never stop! Thanks

  • jjlaz says:

    FANTASTIC? video! Please do not ever delete! My 12 year old daughter loves it!

  • jjlaz says:

    What great video. It’s on my? favorites!!

  • laarbe says:

    I am sorry I meant I saw her? in Philadelphia PA 11/29/2008 not 11/29/2009 since that date has not come yet. My apologies.

  • laarbe says:

    Saw Tina in Philadelphia, PA 11/29/2009. It was the greatest show of my life. Right up there with her 24/7 Show. A lot of people were late so they missed her grand entrance.? One thing about Ms. Tina Turner is she starts her shows on time and there was no opening act. So people thougt they were going to miss the openeing act and instead they missed the opening of Tina. She was Simply The Best. Thanks for the post and the memories.

  • SaskiaCornell says:

    There is no-one better than Tina Turner – totally? awesome.


  • BackToTheShit says:

    just great…what can i say just the best!?

  • Petikeeh says:

    no. she finishes her concert? in oslo.

  • TrinRichard says:

    Tina’s AMAZING!!! What an AWESOME entrance!!! I’m hooked on watching the opening act only!!! I was lucky to see her from the floor both nights? in San Jose. It was the highlight of my 2008!!! I LOVE TINA! Thanks for a great video!

  • ptmartini says:

    I took my mother to see her a few nights before in Philly for an early X-Mas gift to her, oh, what a fucking show! We saw her for the 24/7 tour as well and I’ll tell you her intro sneaks up on you! If you’re not there at curtain time, you’ll? miss it! I LOVE a concert that starts within reason of the ticket time! And she doesn’t play the fashionably late diva (a la Madonna — 1:45 late this last time). Love her, love her, love her. Great Show! Love Tina!

  • quibang says:

    wow, i can’t believe she’s 69. I? saw her in Toronto on the 12th and I will never forget the experience.

  • ricci77 says:

    great voice – she’s? definitely on top again!!! wooo, tina go go go!

  • IWDWSWLM says:

    Your videos are? awesome! Dont worry! Thanks for sharing!

  • IWDWSWLM says:

    Those people trying to get down in the front paid $600 for their seats. I was among? them sorry LOL!

    Awesome concert!

  • iLuvCiconne16085868 says:

    Yes, this is the cue song that TINA is starting! The band would play to the? song and then the lights would dim! SCREAM! And then the majestic appearance of The Queen of Rock!

  • eenou777 says:

    One of the best intro videos I’ve seen so far! It was an amaxing entrance. I hope a DVD becomes available of? this tour.

    Check out my videos of Tina in Montreal. We Quebec fans were very good to her!

  • alomnitz says:

    Your correct I was playing with my camera and? then the band starting playing in sink with the music….what a great opening only the way Tina can do it!

  • RL789 says:

    It sounds like the song that was playing in the? opening went right into the band playing.

  • CrystalChild90 says:

    i saw her in boston.

    the entrance is so badass. OMG i? still can’t get over it.

  • briandstewart says:

    I’d still love to see/hear all you’ve got if you’re into posting it. Sound on your vids is great, and Tina’s singing outstanding in all I’ve heard.

    The order of? songs I’m interested in, either because they haven’t been posted by anyone, or are only fragments or in poor sound:
    Undercover Agent
    Be Tender
    Typical Male
    What You Get Is What You See
    River Deep, Mountain High
    We Don’t Need Another Hero
    Better Be Good To Me


  • alomnitz says:

    I have? so additional video thats not great people where always trying to get down in front! Thanks for the comments!

  • alomnitz says:

    Great show its hard to believe she just turned 69? years young!

  • alomnitz says:

    I happened to have my sony camera on when the band starting playing the background music… the curtain opened a tina made her grand entrance. Great show had to leave? early so I missed about the last 15 minutes!

  • erilis1 says:

    Saw Tina in Atlanta 10/9/08 and it was a great show!! This is a good? video of the opening.

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