Are There Programs Available for the People of Lewiston, ME Who Are Seeking Drug Treatment?

Question by jo: Are there programs available for the people of Lewiston, ME who are seeking drug treatment?
I have no idea about drug rehabs or drug treatment programs. I’m looking for a facility which offers treatment for drug users like my sister. She parties a lot and she takes a lot of club drugs. I’m worried about her health. I want to accompany her to a rehab or something to get treatment but I don’t know if there’s a rehab facility in Lewiston.

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Answer by lizzie
I know that there’s an alcohol rehabilitation in Lewiston but I’m not sure if they also offer drug treatment programs. The facility which offers treatment to drug abusers that is nearest to your place is in Westbrook. I hope your sister agrees to undergo treatment. A few hours of driving won’t hurt, right?

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