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Gambling Addiction HELP Aust – Gambling addiction help in Australia. Rehab at The GATS Program Australia Call for confidential treatment today. 08 8363 3392 Australia’s leading rehab for all addictions. FOR MORE INFO


Officials: Gamblingaddicted NY nun stole 8000

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Sister Edith Wyss, provincial minister of the 138-member order, said that when Rapp was placed on leave, she agreed to seek treatment for a gambling addiction. "She spent 9 1/2 months in an in-patient treatment program and has maintained her recovery …
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A casino will make Hamiltonians sick — with addiction and money crises

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Evidence from a study we conducted in Niagara Falls from 1995 to 1997, as well as more recent evidence from around the world, suggests that following the opening of a casino, the number of people presenting for problem gambling treatment rises.
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Football's addiction to gambling

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And in that brief remembrance of fights past can be found my saving grace where would-be gambling addiction is concerned. When it comes to staking my life on the outcome of any given sporting event, I haven't got a f***ing clue what I'm doing. I …
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Gamblingaddiction calls shoot up: The longer casinos operate in Ohio, the greater the cry for help going up from… – by ColumbusCP (Columbus CP)


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A gambling addiction help commercial followed by a casino commercial? Seriously? – by alicoo500 (Alison C)


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I got the horse right here. The name is Paul Revere. (I have a gambling addiction. Help me please. I beg of you.) And the guy here says if.. – by BenjaminPhelan (Benjamin Phelan)


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