Can I Sue for Defamation of Character for False Accusations of Sexual Abuse?

Question by : Can I sue for defamation of character for false accusations of sexual abuse?
My girlfriends and her ex-boyfriend are going through a paternity case, It recently turned ugly when my girlfriend requested that he take a hair follicle drug test as he is a known cocaine user. In retaliation, among other things he filed a report of sexual abuse to their 4 year old daughter against me. The police and DFS are about to conclude that the report was unsubstantiated. It has become obvious to the authorities that he completely made up the entire thing and put his poor little girl up to saying some horrible things that a 4 year old should never hear. It looks like he may be charged criminally for making the false report. Can I sue him civilly? I wouldn’t normally do this but he is trying to make my girlfriends life and everyone else she cares about a living hell.He is also the owner of a very large new car dealership here in St. Louis so it wouldn’t be like squeezing juice from a turnip. thanks for your help in advance.
Chas: thank you

Not so mad scientist: I don’t believe that you read my entire explanation. He owns a new car dealership among other things so he has plenty to loose. This is not about myself or my girlfriend and I am not sure why you are putting me on the defensive about my girlfriends ex’s drug use. FYI she left him when she found out about his cocaine use. neither of us do drugs

Infiniti: my girlfriend just hired an attorney (different name) for her daughter for the paternity case can she use the person?
what kind of damages do I have to prove for myself?

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Answer by Chas
Yes you can. Check with an attorney. He may want to use the criminal case transcript in your lawsuit. So he may recommend a delay.

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