Should We “Measure” Both Political Parties by Wealth, Intelligence, Skills, Productivity and Drug Use?

Question by : Should we “Measure” both Political Parties by Wealth, Intelligence, Skills, Productivity and Drug Use?
Can you imagine what such a study would show?

Measure both Parties and a value is assigned, similar to a Body Mass Index?

Picture how Terrible Liberals and Democrats would fare on their own and then throw in Detroit, St. Louis and OWS…

Wouldn’t such a simple and Accurate Study and Assigned Number show us who each Party is as a whole and who Makes America and who “Breaks America”?

I bet EVERY Conservative would be for this and EVERY Liberal against for obvious reasons…


Best answer:

Answer by O’Ryan
If we measured by who enjoys eating paint chips, liberals would be rulers of the world.

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5 Responses to Should We “Measure” Both Political Parties by Wealth, Intelligence, Skills, Productivity and Drug Use?

  • scott b says:

    Measure them however the hell you want. There is no set way to judge or measure someone. You judge by what is important to YOU. If those things are, then go judge that way.

  • Adam says:

    it would be even bud. there is a reason dems and repubs switch presidents usually every 8 years or so. parties dont matter. people are the same on both sides, just hold different political views. you’re just proving your own ignorance.


    Measure by Common Sense and REAL love of Country and libs would be batting zero NO SPIN JUST TRUTH!

  • howard says:

    drug use doesnt matter at all, or do you really care if a politician has a beer every now and then

  • john a says:

    Super dave you are getting farther right than before. First OWS is not a democrat party but independent. Second drug use among republicans are very high since they can afford it and prescriptions would be included ask rush limbaugh about this. Education is higher in democratic states so you might want to skip that. Productivity would include house wives which would be hard to balance between lazy and actual work. Productivity would be hard to monitor since if you work a blue collar or white collar job. So get back to me on this when you can figure out all the details and you will be surprised that the outcome will favor liberals since the myths about them by Sean hannity is all lies.

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