Can Someone Help Please!!!?

Question by me: Can Someone Help Please!!!?
My aunt was dating this guy, he introduced her to a drug called heroin. She dated him for many years, then she stopped. He once gave her a little white pill, to help her take the desire for the drug away. She was fine for over a year. She saw him once and he acted as if he had gotten his life together, and stopped taking the drug.(HE LIED) About 4 months into redating him again, he felt comfortable with her and openly used the drug around her, she fell back into the trap, and is now back addicted to heroin.

She wants to get her life back on track, and stop using this drug afterall. However, the pill that once helped her (the little white pill) she don’t know the name of it, or where to get it from. But it takes the desire for HEROIN away. If anyone know what the name of this pill is and where it can be gotten from. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your input. Oh yeah we’re in St. Louis, MO.

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Answer by origamimark
You don’t just stop taking heroin, dummy.

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