Charity Event Back at My Highschool?

Question by : Charity event back at my highschool?
Hey im Cody Roderique Startimg pitcher at the university of Ohio state next week flying Down to my hometown St.louis to talk about choices. Im 19 yrs old freshman at ohiostate . But they want me to speak about my homelife growing up. My mother and father divorced then my father passed then my mom started using drugs.and a short time after so did I and was homeless my senior year. Its hard for me to talk about this any thing you guys do when u have to talk to kids (I know these kids went to school). Nobody new of my troubles in highschool so any advice

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Concentrate on the positives.

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15 Responses to Charity Event Back at My Highschool?

  • naturesuphoria says:

    I really appreciate? the effort it takes these videos…I know, so thanks

  • pedrocks123 says:

    Very good point mate however, addicts cannot moderate. It’s either none? or 100.

  • jamestherandomer says:

    Agreed.. Im not? even gonna take paracetemol again!! Incase it makes me lose my family and die in a big pool of firey fire with satan and rapists!!!!

  • Legitement says:


  • phishtako90210 says:

    wow your stupid?

  • 1988brendan1988 says:

    She knows what she is talking about, I fell down that path and it is TOO EASY for it to happen. I have seen so many ppl get addicted to ecstasy and get in debt.

    Just play it safe kids and steer clear. Why risk fucking your life up? Its really? not worth it.

  • foundviper11 says:

    There is no such? thing as good or bad drugs. The Keyword when talking about drugs is “moderation”.

  • gilbertsmom says:

    Wow! This video made such a huge impact on my life. Lesson? learned. If I use children to advertise extremely fictional stories I can get people to believe what I tell them.

  • dhfdfhdfh says:

    Ecstasy addiction is all psychological and is only related to weak minded individuals. Prohibition causes more problems then the drugs themselves. If you were guaranteed pure MDMA in an Ecstasy pill then there would be no problems, but since it’s illegal you got pills cut with impurities like PMA and street methyl-amphetamine. 3,4-MethyleneDioxyMethylAmphetamine is by far the most extraordinary drug and has therapeutic value. I am? a Neuro-Pharmacologist and MDMA is the most fascinating.

  • DanteAlucardAluxes says:

    Alcahol and tobacco must be good drugs since they’re legal? ?
    Not like anyone died from legal drugs, eh ?

  • beta447 says:

    Glad to see this video doesn’t? overgeneralize about anything..

  • achemachew says:

    You are so right! There is a such thing as responsible drug use, that a lot of people fail to understand or believe. A couple years ago I snorted heroin 1 time a week. or just took a xanax instead of that crap more times. You can do pretty much anything you want as long as you do? so in moderation.

  • narcononofga says:

    We have dealt with many people addicted to ecstasy. Thank you for your? comment.

  • narcononofga says:

    Hemlock is a drug. How do you? use that resposibly?

  • narcononofga says:

    This is true, howevever unless someone has the necessary information, it is hard to make an educated decusion. Thank you for your comment.?

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