Darlene Mayes, 73-Year-Old Granny, Was Kingpin in Drug Dealing


Darlene Mayes, 73-Year-Old Granny, Was Kingpin In Drug Dealing – When cops kicked down the door of an elderly woman’s Oklahoma home on Monday, they said they knew they’d find some marijuana. What they didn’t expect was that 73-year-old Darlene Mayes was packing 4 pounds of pot, 6000 in cash, a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver. Investigators had been following Mayes’ alleged drug ring for years, but they didn’t know she was the kingpin. They believe she supplied about 40 percent of the marijuana circulating in the vicinity, which includes Tulsa and parts of Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. In Mayes’ house, cops found the supply in her bedroom, which reeked of weed. A vacuum-sealed bag full of the stuff was found in the closet, and bundles of bills labeled “000” were found under her box spring. They found a pipe and another bag of weed in the bathroom, and a total of 0000 in more vacuum-sealed bags in a guest room where Mayes’ grandchildren reportedly slept. Mayes told officers that the money was for her retirement fund. The granny was charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are kept or sold, and firearm possession in commission of a felony.


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