Missouri Drug Abuse: Affordable Health Insurance in Missouri

Regardless of where you live in Missouri, if you don’t have a job that offers a health benefits package, or if you don’t work at all, you’re most likely going to have trouble finding affordable health insurance in Missouri. The exceptions, of course, are those individuals who are married and have spouses with excellent health benefits packages, or those individuals wealthy enough to purchase individual health insurance policies.

Some Missouri residents have trouble obtaining affordable health insurance in Missouri for various other reasons. Some people find their health insurance policies involuntarily cancelled, while others are being charged more than 300% of the standard health care premiums. These residents also probably need help obtaining affordable health insurance in Missouri.

Missouri offers a special program to Missouri residents who are in these kinds of situations. The program is called the Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP), and it’s governed by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield programs of Missouri and of Kansas City. The MHIP isn’t an insurance company; it’s an insurance program for Missouri residents that offers four kinds of comprehensive and major medical health coverage.

You’re eligible for the MHIP if you don’t receive or aren’t eligible for any other health care coverage; haven’t already received the maximum $ 1 million dollars in coverage from the MHIP; and haven’t been turned down by other health insurance companies due to alcohol or drug abuse. For more information, visit Missouri’s Department of Insurance Web site.

The MHIP works as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and in order to get the most from the program, members should stay within the PPO when getting health care. The MHIP offers prescription drug and managed care coverage. Although there is a “pre-existing condition” exclusion, there are ways to get that exclusion waived. Other kinds of coverage, as well as costs, depend on which of the four kinds of comprehensive and major medical health coverage in which you’re enrolled.

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Missouri Marijuana SWAT Raid – A swat team in Columbia, Missouri conducts a swat raid with a search warrant for MARIJUANA! They enter with guns blazing, killing the family pet in front of a 7 year old child. COMMENT! RATE! DISTRIBUTE!


Missouri coach Gary Pinkel defends Joe Paterno as 'a good man'

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Under their watch, athletes' alcohol and drug use get ignored and kicked down the road for 4 year schools to handle, academic scheduling is dominated to the point that the athletes are ill-prepared to handle their own affairs at 4 year schools, work …
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AJ Allmendinger's second sample to be tested July 24

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NASCAR said it has been informed by the NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy Program Administrator, Dr. David Black of Aegis Sciences Corp., that Allmendinger's second sample will be tested on July 24 at Aegis' headquarters in Nashville, Tenn. … Missouri …
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16 Responses to Missouri Drug Abuse: Affordable Health Insurance in Missouri

  • bluestarlight42 says:

    Did they actually shoot the poor dog? How could they do something like that? I can’t? believe they are actually that heartless.

  • MalarkeyUK says:

    Actual? scum

  • MalarkeyUK says:

    Police scum. Shame? on them, they are a fucking disgrace to this planet. They are the ones that should be shot. Not the dog.

  • mobako says:

    Hmmm… The title does say Missouri. Whatever? country that’s in, it must be one that really hates cannabis.

  • toastedbuns14 says:

    shhhhh… do you hear that? i think it’s the sound of butthurt… you might wanna get that checked out. didint mean to? hurt your feelings 🙁 want a warm bottle?

  • MindBeyondAverage says:

    Too bad this raid was? proven to be a mistake on the police departments behalf and no marijuana was found or was ever there. I don’t understand why people like you feel the need to get on the web and show what ignorant asses you are. You can talk all of the shit you want in defense of your comment, but I won’t have to reply in MY defense, due to the fact that everyone can clearly see that you’re an idiot and my words to you are truth. I’ll just watch as you make an ass out of yourself. BYE.

  • MindBeyondAverage says:

    Everyone els can tell that I’m talking about a certain aspect and animals have nothing to do with it. Its the home invasion and? tyrannical actions that are clearly the subject dumb ass. The only reason why I’m wasting my time explaining this to you is so that you’ll cease the assumptions and stop projecting yourself as an arrogant idiot. You have NO clue how informed I am and have shown that you should follow your advice. I’ll waste no more time on you so don’t let the last word be ignorant.

  • fuckoff989 says:

    Nazi Germany had the utmost respect for animals and especially dogs. The first laws against animal cruelty were written by Nazi Germany. Inform yourself before? talking shit. The United States is worse than Nazi Germany.

  • bigdaddyjohnny59 says:

    Toastedbuns, you are fascist piece of shit. Period.?

  • soundofslaughter says:

    what are you five? stop being so ignorant. insulting people and swearing at them doesn’t validate whatever point you are trying to make. videos like this have nothing to do with whether this person was actually doing drugs. I don’t do drugs, but armed and protected cops shouldn’t be opening fire when the “suspect” is on the ground. give a pig a gun and you have a? loose canon.

  • XboxLiveNerd99 says:

    The poor dog D:?

  • toastedbuns14 says:

    really? r..really? ok now i KNOW i am talking to a little defensive pot smoking bleeding heart liberal. you were way too? stupid to even reply to me. go smoke your bowl, im surprised you can even turn your computer on.

  • mobako says:

    Well? maybe they shouldn’t get their damn intel from Michael Vick

  • toastedbuns14 says:

    OH of course not! it was only HIS dog afterall… you know, the one violently barking at the swat officers, posing a THREAT. what the fuck do you think swat does on DRUG RAIDS? ya? know, the kind with potentially armed suspects as well as vicious guard dogs? well they sure as fuck dont burst in there with feathers and pillows you fucking retarded ignorant. you are all just a bunch of liberal faggots who think life should be handed to the people who dont do anything to achieve it.

  • Arcturusalt says:

    I? never thought a pig could kill a dog

  • robsku1 says:

    Is this from some 3rd world country? They speak english though…? some african country maybe, with white majority?

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