Do You Know Any Thing About Passing a Piss Test?

Question by : Do you know any thing about Passing a Piss Test?
I have to take a piss test tommorow to test for majiuanna and nicotine consumption. I’m screening for one of those clinical research studies and am scheduled to check in tommorow. Last time I use my nieces piss (shes 8) and it took the line a minute to show up on the nicotine test. this may be due to second hand smoke, but im also guessing that it had something to do with the temperture of her pee which was acquired the day before stored in a condom and tooken with me on a 5 hour bus trip from st. louis to chicago. however when i got to the facility in da Chi, i warmed my nieces pee up in da microwave for 10 secs. I passed the drug test that time, but not without sweat. Please if there is anyone familar with doing this type of thing let me know how i can pass the test more efficeintly this go around. Please only those with medical knowledge of this type of thing and those who have ever use someone elses pee to pass a drug answer reply. This is real sh**t. I go back tonite.
I use someone elses pee because obviously i smoke and the last thing i need is for them to ask me to piss again, because i only got one shot with my nieces pist. (My nieces mother -my sister is the one who has her pee in a cup, and i’m the one who pours it in the condom, please no whack answers from squares i need people who’ve done this type of thing before or people who’ve administered this type of test and know the ins and outs))
i + i i’m trying to get paid. im sure dat many of da people who take pain relief meds, smoke cush and newports. and no its ni**ga’s like you who mess up fo da rest of us. i could be sellin yo momma crack, though im sure she could be gettin it from somewhere else. like i said already passed the screening and i just want to make sure im good at check in tommorow. And how you know i’m black someones a little racist against there own and i have plenty of white friends who have had to do da same thing. I like nowheremans answer so far.
Right on tiffany, i’m already doing that but im praying like hell i dont have to use my own piss. But thanks sweety.
And plus i+i its a sh**t load of other particioants who im sure all of whom dont smoke. im just tryin to get a head playa, i got business to take care of.
i+i ha ha. u changed up your words. and no i dont care.
Why do ppl judgemental ppl keep answering my question. can you people get out your feelings and just answer my question intelliengtly.
i+i ha ha. u changed up your words. and no i dont care.

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Answer by whittbby
Stop doing BAD THINGS.

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WWE: Officials want Randy Orton Fired ! – After being suspended for 60 days last Wednesday for his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, is reporting that Randy Orton was called to a meeting on Friday at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT with WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, Executive Vice President of Talent & Live Events Paul “Triple H” Levesque, and Executive Vice President of TV Production Kevin Dunn. The meeting was called to discuss the nine-time World Champion’s future with the WWE. A source within the WWE described the meeting as “hostile” with a decision to be made about Orton’s future. It’s also being reported that several officials are wanting to see Randy Orton released from his contract as a cost-cutting measure, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to start making talent cuts. Those same officials feel that Orton’s lucrative ten-year contract that was signed in January 2010 can no longer be justified if Orton is brought back to a mid-card position on the roster. With “The Viper” just one Wellness violation away from termination, it puts the WWE in a tough spot if they decide to put Orton back in a main event role (an issue the WWE has ran into in the past, most notably with Jeff Hardy). A big factor working against Orton is that Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon is infuriated with the third-generation star as Vince thought that Orton had matured over recent years, believing that Orton’s days of steroid use were behind him. As previously reported, Orton’s 60-day suspension stems


St. Louis Park Police Find Guns, Drugs in Apartment Raid

Filed under: Drug Use St. Louis

article[new_asset_attachment_attributes][user_id]. new_asset_attachment_attributes. A St. Louis Park man is facing felony drug charges after police say they found methamphetamine, ecstasy, hashish, marijuana and a number of firearms in his apartment.


St. Louis-area meth cops makes the spotlight

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Jason Grellner, and Det. Scott Briggs. J.B. Forbes Enlarge Photo. Take methamphetamine, add guys with guns and — bam! — you have must-see TV. This week, an independent film crew is recording the Franklin County Sheriff …


23 Responses to Do You Know Any Thing About Passing a Piss Test?

  • Tiffany says:

    If you drink a lot of water, and I mean A LOT then you should be ok. It should wash out your system. But you have to drink at least like a gallon. There are also some kinds of herbal teas that will wash out your system too.

  • NowhereMan says:

    Seriously, your screwed. But, if you must know an easier way to pass using someone elses piss…. buy a thermacare back pain strap. wrapo the piss in that and it will stay closer to body temp than a microwave. Or just buy UrinLuck.

  • Becca says:

    weed stays in your system for up to 30 days
    stop doing stupid sh*t and messing up your body
    then you’ll pass the test fine with your own urine

  • vurthious1989 says:

    @Yrpffx21234 lol you think those wrestler’s can do/fight the way they want in wwe? ofc they are told what to do specially after the End of AN Era? match

  • Yrpffx21234 says:

    Guys, Orton fucking sucks now compared to what he used to do? in the ring. Kill yourselves for liking him.

  • Backtaos says:


  • TheRkojackson says:

    Why you doesn’t like the video ? It’s just the truth ! I’m so angry for the decision because Orton is my favorite wrestler but i don’t put? “red hand” !

  • TheTigermuskie says:

    I respect Randy Orton as a wrestler, but this is his 2nd violation. WWE should fire him. If they decide to keep him, it would be bad? for the WWE as an entire company, esepcially with the implemenation of the drug policy. Wrestlers will not take this policy seriously then, if they keep him.

  • Jaksonsdt1 says:

    If? they fire randy, they re firing me!

  • Jaksonsdt1 says:

    Officals? U? mean cena?

  • greenturdface says:

    WWE just doesnt want Orton in his Hometown lol?

  • MrBavaria says:


  • yourmomssweetass1 says:

    I’m not sure that? will work since the YWC hate Orton.

  • 01Zipang says:

    oh no without jeff and orton? who will the landwhale fangirls cheer?

  • Radiernation23 says:

    If Orton Is Fired Well? Comment On Every Wwe Video to tell them to stop watch wwe until he is hired back

  • vurthious1989 says:

    Brock? lesnar left
    Orton fired
    HBK retirement
    Triple H only shows up
    The Rock , comes for money and fame
    all to make cena looks like superman in wwe

  • retrac2431996 says:

    If WWE fires Orton i will lose respect to the WWE because i wanted? to see Randy Orton fight Chris Jericho at Summerslam because of there rivalry.

  • yourmomssweetass1 says:

    Je suis d’accord…WWE ne peut pas se débarrasser de Orton…Orton est une étoile en haut et la WWE et si ils l’ont laissé aller, leurs votes vont baisser parce que la plupart des fans sont fans Orton. (excuse my french if it’s? not good)

  • kurtanglerocks555 says:

    yh orton sucks. Bring? back mr kennedy

  • MrEdgeisawsome says:

    the day they let orton go the? day wwe dies!

  • thestrongestman100 says:

    This sucks, the other time? he violated the policy was years ago, the first strike should have wore off, randy orton has had alot of injuries and still wrestled with them, he probably was in pain.

  • Kamran2Destiny says:


  • yourmomssweetass1 says:

    WWE veut Orton a tiré? Où avez-vous entendu? cela?

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