Medical Abuse of a Child by a Psychiatrist Should Be Reported to Who?

Question by killiolm: Medical abuse of a child by a psychiatrist should be reported to who?
I am trying to find out where to go about a psychiatrist wrongfully and excessively drugging a child in Missouri. Who do I report this to and where can I find contact information? Thank you for your help.

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Answer by I am the architect of lies.
Why not the police?

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Nine Academy | Youth At Risk | Adoption Focused Mental Health – Young people affected by homelessness, addiction or abuse are not likely to ask for help. But early intervention with effective, integrated services is critical. And most of the services are available at no charge. That is why the Nine Network of Public Media is partnering with the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund launch an initiative to connect people in our region to needed services. Youth at Risk: Finding Solutions Together will address a range of issues affecting youth from childhood to age 25. On November 4, 2011, Youth at Risk partnering organizations screened their digital stories. Videos that serve to help our community better understand how effective mental health care positively impacts the community. This Nine Academy project was funded by the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund and The Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation. The Nine Academy screening featured content from the following organizations: ALIVE (Alternative to Living In Violent Environments), Almost Home, BHR (Behavioral Health Services), Bridgeway Behavioral Health, Children’s Advocacy Services, Children’s Home Society of Missouri, Epworth Children & Family Services, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services, NCADA (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse — St. Louis), Our Little Haven, Preferred Family Healthcare Inc., Room at the Inn, and Youth In Need. Take a look at this story produced by Michelle Studer.


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