Does Substance Abuse Contribute Positively,in Any Way,to the Mystics Literary and Musical Cultures?

Question by naad: Does substance abuse contribute positively,in any way,to the mystics literary and musical cultures?
often the biography of a great artist reveals his habit of substance abuse.
Can we say substance abuse has contributed to our cultural heritage?

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Answer by Kyle
Lol.. of course.. everybody in the business

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13 Responses to Does Substance Abuse Contribute Positively,in Any Way,to the Mystics Literary and Musical Cultures?

  • steven b says:

    Yes, I’m just guessing but I think about 80% of people with an artistic bent of some kind used controlled substances.Sometimes booze and tobacco aren’t enough.So I would say substance use has been a positive contribution to society as a whole.Some artists didn’t even attempt to hide its use.Salvidor Dali openly admitted he found lsd to be a help,and he was always seen in the better opium dens across Europe.Again yes substance use has contributed to our culture.You say substance abuse I say substance use.Its only abuse because the government says so.If people weren’t persecuted under stupid laws that turns honest citizens into criminals we’d all be better off.I guess I wandered off a little bit.

  • Justin Hollingsworth says:

    8 people got it wrong.?

  • StateOfHead says:

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  • francoisauroux says:

    That show with Substance Abuse and KRS1 at the Key Club was? a good time. Keep it up.

  • johnachavez says:

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  • sheermusic says:

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  • techn9nekaliko says:

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  • StreetHitzEnt says:

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  • madmandaniel says:

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  • RyanHHK says:

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  • jameslikecrazySH says:

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