Town Hall Meeting, St Louis MO 8-6-09, Health Care Reform, Carnahan,


Town Hall Meeting, St Louis MO 8-6-09, Health Care Reform, Carnahan, – – See Also: | Health care reform discussion, chaos. We need to reform the way we live – eating healthier, exercising, giving up soft drinks and fast foods. Government can’t solve ANY health care crisis. Critical care health care reform, insurance reform, care, health, government reform, insurance industry, doctors, treatment, health treatment, health care elderly, medicare reform, medical care, medicine, medical treatment


Skin is deep

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There are many prescription drugs that have warnings about the potential for causing a rash when the skin is exposed to the sun. People who take medications with such warnings and individuals with conditions like lupus should wear protective clothing …
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Missouri Institute of Mental Health at UMSL Celebrates 5 Decades of Service

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Patients who need more extensive treatment are referred to specialty care professionals. Girls Holla Back aims to reduce substance abuse and new cases of HIV and AIDS among black females living in the St. Louis area. The most recent program session …


14 Responses to Town Hall Meeting, St Louis MO 8-6-09, Health Care Reform, Carnahan,

  • kmrs1959 says:

    You obviously have never met this lying jerk and do not understand why so many people wish he had never been elected. I have. He and his family are life long politicians who do nothing but fill their own pockets. He did not want to take questions from anyone, he? wanted to slam things down peoples throats that will put money in his pockets. He got what he deserved and will hopefully be voted out of office.

  • hubiesemos says:

    Thank God health reform passed?

  • sissyfist says:

    George Bush wanted to kill young soldiers? in Iraq, he did.

  • TrthBeTold says:

    So doctors and other medical professionals should be slaves? I thought that was outlawed? over 100 years ago. A medical education (MD) costs over $100K, so how can it be free? Doctors come out of medical school hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Who will repay this if not those who partake of their services? Think about it!

  • TrthBeTold says:

    The social insurance program that the government forced me to pay into refused to help me in my time of need, telling me that I could work? at a job that paid less than half of the pay of my normal and usual profession, rather than helping me get more education so that I could remain near the same pay level. Do you really expect me to trust a govt. “insurance” plan? Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are BROKE, and Congress/Senate are not subjected to ANY of these “insurance” programs.

  • hologram474 says:

    Don’t worry my friend, there are people that are not aligned with the right-winged? fanatics that own guns as well. It isn’t JUST the fanatics that enjoy hunting.

  • TheCodemanShow says:

    It’s flat out amazing some of the comments on here. Everyone should have a right at a public forum to at least get a chance to speak. It’s really GROSS that in this country, so much work goes into setting up a meeting, inviting in people from both sides, and then getting heckled violently before you’re even able to get 3 words out on? the microphone. It’s terribly sad that the people of our country have progressed backwards so greatly in the last 40 years instead of forward. REALLY SAD.

  • EHUMBLE7 says:

    It’s nice to see GHETTO caucasians all over the media for a change. They can’t even have a debate cuz they don’t have a real position. They’ve? been tricked into fighting for the industry that’s gouging them. Dumb@sses

  • MNtruthSeeker says:

    I know that the ins co discriminated but the government wants? to kill us.

    no doubt about this in my mind

  • limitedgovt999 says:

    Vote that arrogant bastard out of office. He has an interview downtown? What the hell could be more important than a townhall? meeting with his constituents.

  • mrstrings65 says:

    no to? obama (202) 224-3121

  • bobfixitall says:

    the Boston tea party? used force, Thats what we need to do, sooner or later its going to come down to a fight bull to bull horn to horn, instead of officers taking us away we need to physicaly remove them from the meetings. mabe we will get luck and obama will have a massive heart attack!

  • divisioneight says:

    Is this anything different than the Boston Tea Party?

    This is democracy in action. This is common citizens speaking out. And this is America, in? all it’s glory.

    Rise up Americans and BE AMERICAN!

    Tell YOUR elected REPRESENTATIVES just what you want YOUR country that YOU love and cherish to be like.

    They do WORK FOR YOU after all.

  • IAmCodyBurroughs says:

    Weve tried letting them speak, and they just keep coming saying the same thing,? if this is the only way they will get the message, then so be it.

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