Drug Rehab A&E Intervention Angelina Episode #80


Drug Rehab A&E Intervention Angelina Episode #80 – www.malibubeachrecoverycenter.com Angelina, 24, was a beautiful, popular cheerleader in high school. Her early childhood was stable and happy. However, her father had a son from a previous marriage who had suffered brain damage due to hospital negligence. When Angelina was 8, the family was awarded million, but an intense court battle began over how the money would be split. After the judge awarded some of the money to Angelina and her brother, her father became increasingly angry and hostile toward his family. Angelinas mother did everything she could to appease her husband and protect her children, and eventually, she turned to prescription drugs and cocaine to alleviate her stress. Intervention won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Series.


Seabrook House Announces The Opening Of Two New Jersey Treatment Facilities

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SEABROOK, N.J., Nov. 9, 2012 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In order to provide additional drug and alcohol treatment to area residents, Seabrook House is excited to announce the opening of two new full service outpatient programs. "Seabrook House has …
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One Step Ahead: Chaquiel Nettles Overcomes Obstacles

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My mind just goes blank," says Nettles, a senior at Williamsville South. On the outside … Shirley Nettles fell victim to the same streets she protected Chaquiel from, so Child services forced her to give up custody before she went to rehab. Chaquiel …
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LoBiondo faces five challengers

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Community activities:Volunteer at Bacharach Center for Rehab & ACMC since 1993 in Pastoral Care Department; youth leader, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. Party: Independent Democrat Age: 60. Occupation: Registered nurse … The 2nd Congressional …
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16 Responses to Drug Rehab A&E Intervention Angelina Episode #80

  • Nkereal says:

    she? is the most beautiful pill head ive seen in my life

  • David Okanagan says:

    Good for you, if I was your Dad I would be so immensely? proud of you.Please stay healthy and have a Happy life.

  • Vinh Lam says:

    I recover from my addiction because someone told me there? are people in third world country suffering 100 time worse than what I experience. This person forced me to watch video of people suffering all over the world and the part that change my attitude was when this boy mother and father was killed in front of him and yet he still smile everyday knowing that his
    parent are proud and happy of the life style he chose if they were I alive that my story.
    Addiction: alcohol, cocaine , barbiturates

  • MrKylemusser says:

    Wow she’s very? pretty

  • MrKylemusser says:

    Wow shes very pretty?

  • stephaniesc77 says:

    ppl got real? problems

  • humbertojimmy says:

    Exactly at what i would put it: 3 to 4 days in a row and that’s it! I’ve? fell under the power of opiates myself and pretty much that’s what i figure. 5 days tops. Quicking the habit is simply a matter of courage (a few days in Hell) but staying clean is not easy because there’s no such thing as detoxing your mind (unless with deep therapy, perhaps).

  • Umaxen says:

    This is what will kill America… The Government really doesn’t care. It’s all? a big joke.

  • bluberri258 says:

    Yeeaaa? ang!!!!

  • Dsdversbe Strike says:

    I would? argue a little of both

  • Ebvardh says:

    Did she? just say 450,000 dollars?!

  • cdawg4391 says:

    Good for you for being able to stop the habit. I’m from Jersey – South jersey – so I know how damned lucky you were to have lived through that night in Camden. I’m so happy that you have found a more positive way to be and to live than your addictions. Grace to you! Please keep trying. You are an inspiration. You are intelligent? and beautiful.

  • chavezgirlps says:

    @Royalnaz1 Not addictive??? It has been proved that after 3-4 days of taking narcotics YOU ARE ADDICTED… believe me I was? addicted for 7 years after just taking half a Vicodin twice a day.. even people who have surgery and have to be on pain pills for even a short period and even if they take them as prescribed after a few days they will feel like shit when they stop taking them.

  • hampstershat123 says:

    I am sure it is possible without professional help, I just think? most people lack the self control necessary.

  • wagglepuff12 says:

    She blew $450,000 TRUST FUND!?!?!? WTF ?

  • annettealex1 says:

    god speed? to all those who struggle with this

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