Teen Rx Drug Addiction


Teen Rx Drug Addiction – Calif. Rep. Mary Bono Mack talks to Maggie Rodriguez about her son’s plea for help with prescription drug addiction.


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RT @drkristendudley: RT @drkristendudley: Teen prescription drug abuse: 8 tips for parents http://t.co/1MdbkEkp
The therapists at ACES can help. Call us 215- … – by lizlightkep (Elizabeth Lightkep)


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Teen prescription drug abuse: 8 tips for parents http://t.co/1MdbkEkp
The therapists at ACES can help. Call us 215-345-7868 – by drkristendudley (Kristen Dudley)


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We all know this is an ever-growing problem. #Parents… here are 8 tips for you to help stop it. http://t.co/GJOap3YU #addiction #recovery – by DecisionPointCn (DecisionPointCenter)


19 Responses to Teen Rx Drug Addiction

  • Jvassel says:

    Maybe if parents didnt? have to worry about being able to whoop their kids asses for disobedience we wouldnt have this problem. Corporal Punishment!!!!!! its the answer.

  • Jvassel says:

    Fuck you dick weed! have you ever really read the bible? You are a dumb? piece of cock shit.

  • Harry Russell says:

    John 2:1-11 I dont think god is very concerened with substance abuse? or alcoholism.

  • vikas tailor says:

    Mary Bono is really great as she struggled first when she missed her husband and then her son addicted to the drugs. I would say her son is really a good understanding guy who plea from her mother without being fearing anything. Her son also survive his friends too. Great story. I would recommend this to share on World’s #1 social networking? support site DENTEDEGOdotCOM. We all need to aware our teens so that they can be saved from any abuses in their future.

  • nardtardzTV says:

    here in Oshawa Ont. Tom Pflanzer Substance Abuse Rep. For General Motors/C.A.W local 222 have the best success rate in the Country for alcohol and drug use.500% increase in 4 years. our recovery? program. 7% success rate

  • cosigna103 says:

    i see the abuse on prescription drugs i? made a video on my show about it.. check it out on my page.. tell me what you think. thanks. and if you like check out the rest of the videos and subscribe please!

  • coma10days says:

    Got a story for our youth. My heart stopped beating for 11 minutes, and I went into? a coma for ten days. I wanted to be a professional athlete, but I allowed drugs to take control of my living. Check out my story@ Brian Irons I Did Not Know

  • shockingshot says:


  • Grimmjow567 says:


  • IndicaEuphora says:

    Wow, intolerance at its? finest.

  • 5959512 says:

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  • Cakerolled says:

    Sonny Bono from? Sonny and Cher?

  • TheAirsoftbunker says:

    fuck you? idiot.

  • Grimmjow567 says:

    Yes.? You’re an idiot.

  • TheIggy457 says:

    Can you? explain to me why you would say such a thing?

  • Grimmjow567 says:

    Fuck? off.

  • mikecrevil says:

    @nuckinfuts32330 Probably because? they’re not addicted to weed, but prescription drugs.

  • TheIggy457 says:

    I’m sorry to hear if anyone is struggling with drug addictions of any type. If you want help, and can’t find help, or if the help you seek isn’t helping you. Try what I have done. Accepted Jesus as Lord in your life. ask him to help you with your addiction, and make a vow to him that you will live for him. If you sincerely desire to stop your addiction then God will deliver you from that stronghold in your life.
    Prepare for your life to be changed. Bless you. HE HAS DELIVERED? ME : )

  • mdcombs79 says:

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