Has the Orphanage Evolved?

Question by Joe from WI: Has the orphanage evolved?
Unknown by many, children of non-college-educated people in America face a rising tide of violence, drugs, malnutrition, and social pressures. Kids living in dangerous inner cities like St. Louis, Detroit, or Milwaukee face the duality of dilemma. Public schools there rarely yield high-paying salaries, and they face abusive treatment by parents, who are angry they are not surpassing their parents’ economic status. These children, in a grim emotional state, may turn to dangerous drugs like painkillers, crack cocaine, or crystalized methamphetamines. Those who never turn to drugs may have their lives reduced away by a screaming and violent family member.

In my opinion it is absolutely necessary for children to have the option of leaving the ghetto. The future-orphanage is a socialist facility with boarding, vocational training, quality food, and a strict but congenial social regimen. The facility is not cost-free, but monthly payments made after living in the center are fair.

Do you support the idea of taxation for the super-orphanage? Children are the foundation of the future and they deserve the chance to escape urban, suburban, or rural ghettoes.

Best answer:

Answer by bwlobo
Absolutely NOT!

Your socialist orphanage would probably teach these principles:
Equality in worthlessness
Equality of poorness
Equality of hard labor
Children frowned upon
Being very dirty at all times
Having either moustache or beard or both (also applies to women)
No farting on Tuesdays
Thy shall not make any graven images
Must carry around a national ID card, resistance is punishable by more equality.

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