Substance Abuse?

Question by PipU2: Substance Abuse?
I was wondering if anyone feels like I do on this subject. The WWE is going through enough problems with substance abuse, does anyone think its a dumb idea to have Sandman on set drunk, chugging beers on T.V. with all the problems going on
Ya’ll are comparing everything to the Wife beater Austin and alleged steroid user Austin remember Austin hasn’t been there since all of this has happened anyone that couldn’t look at that guy last night and tell he was drunk has some issues. And isn’t gimmicks what has gotten WWE in trouble all this coming from a guy who wanted to use his grandchild’s child birth as a sick way of saying he was the father of the baby all for gimmick and ratings lol now IM beginning to understand why people outside of wrestling make fun of wrestling fans. You will watch anything

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Answer by Mr Perfect( rip dimebag darrell)
nope its his gimmick Sandman was the first person to drink before a match.

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