Substance Abuse?

Question by PipU2: Substance Abuse?
I was wondering if anyone feels like I do on this subject. The WWE is going through enough problems with substance abuse, does anyone think its a dumb idea to have Sandman on set drunk, chugging beers on T.V. with all the problems going on
Ya’ll are comparing everything to the Wife beater Austin and alleged steroid user Austin remember Austin hasn’t been there since all of this has happened anyone that couldn’t look at that guy last night and tell he was drunk has some issues. And isn’t gimmicks what has gotten WWE in trouble all this coming from a guy who wanted to use his grandchild’s child birth as a sick way of saying he was the father of the baby all for gimmick and ratings lol now IM beginning to understand why people outside of wrestling make fun of wrestling fans. You will watch anything

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Answer by Mr Perfect( rip dimebag darrell)
nope its his gimmick Sandman was the first person to drink before a match.

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Teen Substance Abuse – A picture video I made for an adult sunday school class about teen substance abuse. Images from google, Music: 30 Seconds to Mars – To Kill.


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Guess it’s 2 sides to what substance abuse is – by aribabaJ (Aribaba)


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Alcohol and Substance Abuse – by winechristmasg (Michael Connelly)


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RT @ESPN_FirstTake: “If not for substance abuse, I think Josh Hamilton could have been greatest EVER!” -@realskipbayless – by OVOSimba (Escobar X)


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  • WWE_Fan_Diva (CuriousGirl) says:

    No, anyone who has half a brain should know that WWE is staged and scripted.. Sandman probably isn’t really a crazy drunk who chugs beers allover the place, and when you see him do it on TV he’s not even really drinking most of the beer because he spits it out after wards. It’s called a GIMMICK. It’s just done to entertain the fans. Stone Cold did this too and the fans loved it. Plus, Sandman IS old enough to drink and if he were drunk he wouldn’t be able to walk accross the security walls. If anyone would think that this portrays substance abuse that person obviously has a problem distinguishing entertainment on television vs reality.

  • AwesomeBill says:

    Well, the people that run WWE haven’t been compared to Einstein.

    I think it is idiotic, insensitive, and insane to allow that to be televised.

  • Benoit4life says:

    I never looked at it that way, but i think Sandman pulls off the chugging beers pretty good, the only guy to do it better was Stone Cold Steve Austin, i dont think the gimmick of Sandman drinking is a bad thing.

  • Tommy-Marie says:

    no, he’s old enough to drink so no one will say anything, plus if they could they would have steve austin drinking all over the place

  • Phuryy says:

    ouldnt? handle her coke. took a sketchy drug for one thing. stay with pot, alcohol in moderation and nothing else.

  • manmythlegend12 says:

    Lol, this video is crap. There are plenty of drugs that are extremely beneficial for teens to understand their place in the world and to help them figure out difficult situations if used appropriately.

    And substance abuse in teens happens for the SAME exact reasons? that it happens in adults: kids want to have a good time so they take a drug that temporarily relinquishes them of all responsibilities and problems. Don’t try to act like it’s just a teen thing. All age groups do drugs and drink.

  • rodswebdesign says:

    brilliant? video

  • staranjela says:

    great? video thanks

  • jayejayeee says:

    some? sweet info here

  • TheAdhd128 says:

    beer pong sucks it? impedes my ability to get drunk heres a drinking game drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink…and if you drink so much your friend has to drive you home you win.

  • georgia31765 says:

    @thedirtynasty i don’t belive that i readare u crazy?????u think that there are no facts or reasons? that these drugs are bud???????
    here is a fucken -fuct ::AMY WINEHOUSE 1983-2011 ONE OF THE BIGEST TALENTS IS GONE….,.!!!!!!!
    Is this fuct good enough for you….?????

  • musicvidz9 says:

    2:27? that is one badass skeleton right there

  • b00ger901 says:

    I also want to add another drug to the ones that have been listed. One very powerful and addictive drug and it’s used by a lot of people today and not only is it legal but many find consuming the drug? to be harmless. They will claim they are responsible enough to not overdose or cause any serious harm to their bodies, but what happens when they lose control? I am of course talking about the psychoactive drug caffeine. Who’s with me? We should be teaching responsibility not ignorance!

  • domvasta says:

    DUI doesn’t indicate abuse, but rather a lack of judgement, being over .08BAC is a fairly common thing, it only takes about four beers then getting in a car. the real problem is constant heavy drinking, or constant? drug use. occasional drug use can even be beneficial to a person’s mental health as it relieves stress and allows them to enjoy themselves more. the problem is when the use of drugs starts negatively impacting other areas of their life, that’s when they need help, not jail.

  • Kellyannk308 says:

    You said something that I must correct you on WHY ASSUME THEY ARE BAD? This is part of the stigma and a reason why you don’t understand them and another reason why 12 step treatment and religion don’t work in helping someone overcome substance abuse.? Sometimes, people are just hurting inside and don’t have the skills to cope–It doesn’t mean they are all morally flawed.

  • zwhip408 says:

    agree with evrything except the weed? part. weed duznt fuck u up. and God is a hoax

  • zemusorzeromus says:

    I love drugs. Used in appropriate amounts, all they do? is increase the joy of life. Weed all the way, pills and booze too.

  • magla345 says:

    i would like to know what can be done about persons promoting? teen drug abuse on youtube.

  • schlegelt says:

    If you can’t take drugs and continue to create a good life, you are weak. If you’re weak, chances are you wouldn’t have a very fulfilling life? anyways.

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