Hi Henry Brown – Skin Man Blues. 1932 (St Louis Bluesman) Blues.


Hi Henry Brown – Skin Man Blues. 1932 (St Louis bluesman) Blues. – Hi Henry Brown – SKIN MAN BLUES Recorded in 1932 In 1992, Chris Smith wrote that Hi’ Henry Brown “was an unmistakeable musician… with a vinegary voice, and – in song, at least – a correspondingly sour disposition, which he turned on pimps, prostitutes, preachers, and even the passengers on the Titanic; (1). In the case of the prostitutes I would suggest he has the wrong slant on what Brown is singing about. In fact this side is more of a protest against mistreatment of black women and the general situation (in 1932) where many were paid such a low wage (or “nothin’ at all”) that they were forced on to the streets -a sad and very familiar scenario down through the ages in all societies. Hi’ Henry Brown, like his namesake Henry Brown the better-known blues pianist, was a resident of St. Louis for at least some of his adult life. Apart from possibly being originally from Pace, Miss. little else is known about him. In the largest migration of blacks from the South which “began about 1910 and rose to great heights between 1916 and 1919.” (2), most headed for the “industrial cities of the North and Middle West.” (3). Five of the 10 cities listed as the “most important” are in the latter area and the increase in the black population of St. Louis between 1910 and 1920, which was 58.9%, was only surpassed by that of Indianapolis with 59% for the same period. (4). And like Indianapolis, St. Louis spawned a thriving blues community in the late 1920s and ’30s, including Hi Henry


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The site is sponsored by Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc., the maker of the anti-addiction drug Suboxone. A type of opioid medication called buprenorphine, the drug is used by doctors to treat people who are addicted to opiates in addition to …
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Akin cares little about pressure from GOP leaders

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"He's never been popular among Republicans, and Todd Akin doesn't care," Saint Louis University political science professor Ken Warren said. "The best you can say for Todd is that he's a very principled guy. He believes what he believes, and he's not …
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