Missouri Drug Use: Missouri DUI Laws

Missouri DUI Laws are similar in most respects to DUI laws around the country. But you do need to be aware that the show me state has some twists of its own.

In Missouri, the legal blood alcohol level is .08 percent. That means, that if you test a .08 blood alcohol level, you are presumed to be driving drunk whether or not your driving was impaired. This does not however mean that you’re safe if you have less than a .08 blood alcohol level. You can be charged with a DUI in Missouri if your driving was impaired due to alcohol or drug use, even if it does not meet the .08 criteria.

Missouri DUI law specifies that all drivers must consent to a blood test if requested. If you fail to comply, you face a $ 1000 fine and loss of your driver’s license for a year.

A first DUI offense is considered a “Class B” misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail. You can also get a fine of up to $ 500 and suspension of your license for 30 days. You’ll have to complete a substance abuse traffic offender’s program to get your license back.

A second offense becomes more serious. Now it’s a “Class D” misdemeanor with a potential jail sentence of up to 1 year. However, you must actually serve five days in jail or do 30 days of community service. Fines of up to $ 1000 and a one year license suspension is possible as well.

After the second offense, you fall into the “persistent offender” category which becomes much more serious. You can get up to 4 years in jail.

A DUI in Missouri stays on your driving record for 10 years for a first offense. It remains forever if more than one offense was received. You must petition the court to have a first offense removed from your record.


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