How Can You Change a Law?

Question by Emo Girl: How can you change a law?
My uncle died this summer and it was from mixing two drugs he shouldn’t of. He wanted to get into rehabs really bad but there is only a 72 hour holding period. As soon as that time was up he felt like he needed the drugs a lot so he signed himself out. I want to change that in Missouri and I have the support of some clubs and faculty members at my school. I would like to change it to be where if at least 3 family members signed the person in and they had a history medically of an addiction and doctor’s refusing to treat them then at least they can make the holding period longer.
Is this possible? Any suggestions?

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Answer by cyanne2ak
It is possible to change, but very unlikely. You need to contact your local politicians and get THEIR support. You also need to contact your area’s state legislators and representatives. They can help you.

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