St. Louis Drug Use: Louis Cafora

Louis Cafora – Carfora II was a loan shark agent of the Colombo Family and also worked as a drug trafficker for the Lucchese Family. He was popularly known as ‘The Whale’ or ‘Fat Louis’.

Louis Cafora II was the son of an Italian-American immigrant, Louis Carfora who migrated from the Senerchia region of Campania, Italy.

There is a minor difference in Louis’ surname; either it got misspelled by INS or Louis’ parents changed it themselves or maybe there is a possibility that Louis modified it a bit to protect and hide his family’s name when he got notoriously popular due to his criminal activities. However, he did not have any relation with Vincent Cafaro who was a Capo of the Genovese Family.

Louis Cafora was quite fat and very tall even in his early childhood days. He was too much conscious of it. He loved to cook and was often seen preparing Italian dishes for his gang members.

He was actively involved in the Mafia activities and started his criminal life by joining Lucchese Family. Louis Cafora was not into street crimes instead he worked towards pursuing legitimate business deals for the Lucchese Family. In Downtown Brooklyn, he managed to get a parking lot on lease. Through its management, he acquired quite a lot of influence in the New York State Department of Transportation. His official Capo, Paul Vario, used to have meetings with his subordinates in Louis’ parking lot; so as to stay safe from their talks being recorded by the police. Louis Cafora used his parking lot to store the stolen cars for Henry Hill.

His earnings kept on increasing which enabled him to get a powerful position in the Family.

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