How Many of You Drink Coca-Cola?

Question by hamana: How Many of You Drink Coca-Cola?

I’m sure many of you are current users of the drug, or have at least partaken in it. But read those links for some illuminating information.

In summary, Coca-Cola is the only company or person granted the right to import the ILLEGAL coca leaves to their facilities. (The Stepan Company, owned by Coke)

Let’s just forget that it is a very useful plant that has been used for thousands of years for natural medicine because I would just start ranting about truth and justice; who’s interested in those things?!

ANYWAYS, Coca-Cola gets a get-out-of-jail free card granted by the all-mighty Gods of the U.S Congress.

Stepan company extracts the cocaine and SELLS it to Mallindrockt Inc. A St. Louis Company. It is unknown what happens to it from there (we don’t use Coke for medicinal reasons here, it’s illegal!)

So we grant a company the right to import an illegal substance (100 tons per year, mind you), and ALLOW them to turn it into cocaine and DEAL it to an entity that refuses to say where it goes.

What do you think?
It may not be a ‘big deal’ to some, but the mere fact that this company is granted the SOLE right to import a leaf that shouldn’t be illegal in the first place is startling, to say the least.

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