How Would One Go About Reporting a Drug Ring in a County Where the Sheriff’s Dept as Well as Certain Judges?

Question by Mexireg: How would one go about reporting a drug ring in a county where the sheriff’s dept as well as certain judges?
and alleged pillars of the community are directly involved? I know the question is vague, but it has to be for my protection as well as my family’s protection…. I watched a man here last year get arrested on a child abuse charge, because he was trying to keep his son and daughter away from the crap. The charge was dismissed, but very sustainable damage was done to his name. And he didn’t do anything. Later i’ve learned that his now estranged wife has been involved with the drug scene for a long time but he doesn’t know it yet. What should i do? His children are living with the mother and the woman helping her at the local DFS office is also involved in the drug ring… This man has done absolutely nothing wrong. But it seems they’re trying to destroy him because he will not be a part of them.
From what i understand, he grew up in this town. his wife is originally from Oregon. They had been together for 17 years when this all started happening. I know he reported the issue of the drugs to the sheriff’s dept only to be later arrested on a phony child abuse charge by them. then the judge that was hearing his case has been scene with known drug dealers outside of the courthouse.

My husband has also finally noticed all this as well. We moved here from California about 6 yrs ago, and i hate to say it, but the drugs here are worse than they were where we lived there.. We live in Missouri now by the way.

Neither the police department nor the sheriff’s dept can be trusted. I’ve seen enough here that something has to be done about it.. There’s an Air Force Base not too far from her too.. I’ve never seen drugs as bad as they are here..And that’s saying alot coming from California.
It’s also believed his wife is helping quietly ship drugs through the local shipping store she works at and the owners have no idea this is occurring..
He has no idea about any of this…
My husband just told me to tell you the name of the town.
It’s Sedalia Missouri..
The county is Pettis County….
I did talk to a woman on the phone at the FBI office in Kansas City… She knew of the drus issue here and didn’t act like she really cared at all.. Her name was Lou Ann Stovall.. Is there a chance she knows of this because she’s involved with it? And possibly the front contact person everybody reports to cover things like this up? I know we can not have been the only ones to try and report any of this. Also the US representative Ike Skelton has his main home office here. And in my opinion that guy needs to go.
I just hate seeing a good man like this get treated the way he’s being treated… Him and my husband are both freemasons, but my husband attends one lodge and he attends another… They do talk with one another though. My husband hasn’t mentioned any of this stuff to him. My husband just told me that a car dealer here on broadway runs down to Florida to pick up cars that are packed with drugs and brings them back up here. he knows that because one of the guys that works at this car dealer’s lot is friends my with Husband from Church at Sacred Heart. That judge i mentioned earlier also goes to church there.
My husband just told me that back in january of this year that when this guys wife moved out of their house, she moved into a house that just not 3 weeks before that had a drug raid on it. It’s a rental property owned by a realty company here.. He said the really interesting thing is she moved out a week a known drug dealer down the street moved out. Also this drug dealers girlfriend or wife or whatever, her sister works in the county clerks office at the court house and doe the paperwork for the judge i mentioned in the beginning. I didn’t know that…LOL!!! I guess this drug dealers wife or girlfriend has been busted with it on several occasions and their last name is very popular in the drug scene from what my husband is saying… I do know the DEA along with the Missouri state highway patrol did a raid on a guys house just a couple down from the good guys house in july of last year. My husband just told me that they found 4 lbs of Marijuana in the woods that the guy hid out there.
It was delivered to him by a federal express truck. And the guy was supposed to take it down to that drug dealer guy and his girlfriend..I guess he got busted before that happened though. But my husband just said that guy din’t get arrested, but instead was supposed to snitch on other people for the DEA.. Hmmm.. I do know that drug dealer guy came up to the good guys house and threatened to kick his a55 if he didn’t mind his own business, like i said though he was just trying to keep his kids away from all this crap not knowing his wife was involved with it the whole time… He did tell me his told him that He was going to have everyone around them hating them. He did say that struck him a little odd, he just figured she was afraid of the waves being caused right in their general vicinity. He figures she was having an affair, but he never realized she was involved with all the drugs.. And as far as i know he still doesn’t know. He’s just working to get his head back above water again.
She’s also been going out and getting tattoos since she’s left him. I know of one for sure on her arm that is a heart with the letters KDW around it.. This woman is no damn good and i cannot believe any woman would ever do to their husband what her and her daughter have done to him… She needs to be locked up..

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Answer by ahsoasho2u2
Report it to tip line FBI, ATF, State Attorney Generals Office, Governors Commission or task force on Drugs.

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  • Alan D says:

    Sorry that you have to live in such a corrupt world. Here in Oregon is bad in another way. You can try reporting it to the Feds but who knows if that will accomplish anything. Investigations usually take years anyway and no telling how deep the corruption goes. I feel as though I have been targeted but they have eased off of me for the time being. Good luck there is no perfect world anywhere.

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