In Missouri, Can They Charge You With Drug Paraphalia for Having a Clean Pipe?

Question by mistikmaiden: In Missouri, can they charge you with drug paraphalia for having a clean pipe?
I just bought a one hitter pipe and I carry it in my purse. It’s never been used. If I should get pulled over and they find it, can I be charged? What about after I use it and I’ve cleaned the CRAP out of it? What then?
OH! And what if I use it for legal substances? Can I still be charged with drug paraphalia?

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Answer by Illy
technically they could lab test it and depending on your age it may still be illegal. I wouldn’t worry about it though.

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10 Responses to In Missouri, Can They Charge You With Drug Paraphalia for Having a Clean Pipe?

  • Myth_Understood says:

    Don’t fool yourself. Everyone on the planet knows why you got the pipe. Just because it’s clean doesn’t mean that you don’t smoke … right? You have to look up the statutes in your state and determine what the laws are, but usually, carrying a pipe is the same as carrying pot or crack or whatever you smoke in it.

  • 7Deadly Sins says:

    paraphernalia is paraphernalia dirty or not…
    it is a device deemed by law for holding a controlled substance.
    if it was clean of residue they would just say drug paraphernalia with the intent to use.
    if it was in your purse they would say you were concealing it
    even if it was broken in half on your back seat of your car … it is what it is
    Sooooooo….best not to take it out in public

  • einerose1980 says:

    From beuty to? ugly this is sad

  • HalluciNation99 says:

    that’s the log that is? in your eye. judgement is an illusion that your ego throws at you. if something like God is so beautiful and forgiving, then why would he judge? why would he send you to hell? doesn’t sound like a loving being to me. but, everyone judges everyone and everything.subconciously so i can give you the benefit of the doubt.

  • klepto0oe says:

    I never said you did crack or meth, but halucnigenics I would bet with your name. They were my choice of drug too man. Look I know you might know a little bit of scriputre, because everyone heard something from it, but? the bible does tell us to judge. Judge the fruit one bears, but we cannot judge your soul.Only God will do that. I always found it hard to except from hypocritcal “christians” walking around spouting “judge not!” when everyone judges. Also, theres a book called judges in the bible

  • HalluciNation99 says:

    and just because my username is HalluciNation? doesn’t neccesarily mean i’m addicted to meth or crack. Now that is some harsh judgement that can only come from your “god” haha khuul story bro

  • HalluciNation99 says:

    I’m actually a dj who believes in spirituality? and becoming fully aware. but thanks for the life story.

  • klepto0oe says:

    Absolutly not. Go? look at your local crack/meth heads and find out.

  • klepto0oe says:

    With a name like yours I think you are holding on to your drugs. Look I am not starting a fight….I will let you know from first hand experience that this is real! My sister got hooked on crack and looks like one of these. My good friend ODed? last year shooting meth. Tell me do the drugs you take make you feel better when you come down or worse? Do you get upset if you cant score them? I used to use to. I hope God will call you to Him and from this life…its a dead end.

  • HalluciNation99 says:

    i just? find it hard to believe.. i really do.. looks like complete b.s.

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