Intervention and Hydrocodone Addiction Help 1


Intervention and Hydrocodone Addiction Help 1 – If you have a hydrocodone addiction and you are ready to take the first steps to becoming clean, please contact us by phone or visit our website. Intervention is here.


Seabrook House's VP Of Treatment Services Named Chairwoman Of The

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Seabrook House has been helping families find the courage to find recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse and other compulsive diseases since 1974. To contact Seabrook House, please visit the organization's web site at www.
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4 Responses to Intervention and Hydrocodone Addiction Help 1

  • MyCandyStores says:

    So how is it that someone can order pills online? What is that all about?! Do they look at your prescription record? Anyone know how to go about it?? It just seems too easy, is there a way they find out If the person is lying?

  • abbywhip6667 says:

    you guys are fucking lazy, using the same damn videos with every fuckin pill….HYDRO? FTW!

  • AlcoholAddictionHelp says:

    Hope for anyone struggling with Alcoholism…?

  • LostNbound says:

    i hear ya bro. i’ve been on them for 3 years due? to reaccuring back problems. my back is ok now but the damage is done. my doc still gives me a scrip every month, but i’ve ran out before. in december my bro stole half my bottle and my doc was on vacation, so i ran out like a week and a half before he got back. so i know exactly what you’re talking about with the withdrawls. a friend got me some 5s which i rationed and became clean, but i couldn’t handle the depression and relapsed :-/.

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