Substance Abuse?

Question by sendzik04: substance abuse?
Can someone please tell me why substance abuse happens

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Answer by Pookeygirl
There are many factors contributing to substance abuse. Genetic predisposition is one. If your parents were addicts, you are at higher risk.
Chemical imbalance in the brain can cause addiction. Problems with serotonin and other neurotransmitters can make a person have an addictive personality.
Peer pressure and trying to fit in with others is a contributing factor.
Ethnic background or religious beliefs in the way a person is raised.
Environment plays a role in addiction. Poverty is a common reason for some people to abuse substances.
Life experiences can cause a person to turn to substances. Someone who has had a lot of bad problems and can’t cope.
Social anxiety can cause a person to abuse substances so they are more comfortable around others.
There are probably more, but above are a few. Hope this helps

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Teen Addiction: Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Mental Health Guru) – Knowing the signs of addiction can make it possible for parents to get their children into addiction treatment, like drug rehab.


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@Ebeezy_official substance abuse “under the influence” – by highertimes_ (Deonta nigga.)


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Oklahoma Dept of Mental Health & Substance Abuse has largest telemedicine network in the nation in behavioral health. – by DanaGrammerAvey (Dana Grammer Avey)


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Lack of sleep can lead to an increased desire for sex and substance abuse. – by Aks_reddevil (Akshay Borkar)


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  • vikastailor56 says:

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  • panicattacksymptoms1 says:

    Goood stuff..? thanks

  • tjkkillion says:

    @xmodedx123? what you got

  • drugrehabcalifornia says:

    Great video,? very informative.

  • xmodedx123 says:

    wanna get? high?

  • zemusorzeromus says:

    Everyone should use erowid for drug info. I don’t think anyone? would die if they actually knew all the facts about the drugs they use.

  • vappous says:

    This is? one of the most amusing things I have ever seen. His inflection with an emphasis on Every Word is just… golden.

    But honesty, there is no way for parents to totally prevent drug use. An outright ban on all substances is absurd, because everyday foods like chocolate and honeycomb contain mind-altering substances. Really, what’s most important is to understand the effects different drugs have, and to let people make informed choices.

  • Nigelmalibu says:

    dont need to process coca leaves? either if ya dont wana chump..

  • xpr4life says:

    you dont need to process? weed champ….

  • Nigelmalibu says:

    totally agreed, usually having a sibling of around the same age helps to aid in home? boredom

  • Nigelmalibu says:

    its? a psychoactive drug, cocaine and heroin both come from plants, spose their not drugs too?

  • Nigelmalibu says:

    totally ?

  • ummmwhatnow says:

    Weed is not a drug.. its a? fucking plant. Stop showing it every time you say ‘drug’. >.>

  • pikachulovable says:

    my freind told me.people who dont wanna try drugs do it.and people who do wanna? do it wuss out

  • rebeccaskye says:

    See “HIGH: This? film is based on true stories, not myths.

  • mdcombs79 says:

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  • B335430104 says:

    2:49? Miley Cyrus?

  • Romancechica1013 says:

    I almost bacame addicted to this medication my doctor had me take for autoimmune hives, I got really scared, but I had an appointment that same day, and they were going to take me off of the meds. I felt so relieved when I heard this, but there are? bad side affects when you quit *snap* just like that. You need to wein off of the meds little by little. Now, I only take them when I really need them

  • Th0usandMaster says:

    no objection

    you are free to have your own opinion just the same? as i do.

    However, I never said it’s all about boredom. Boredom is just one factor, if you read my whole comment.

  • longviews says:

    uhm,,, i dont think its? all aout boredom

  • mikerrr26 says:


  • PullyElbow27 says:

    As for this video, marijuana does not IMPAIR? the growing brain. It changes it. Whether or not this is negative or positive has not yet been determined.

  • PullyElbow27 says:

    Actually, it? does.

  • Billythachikk says:

    I hate that word, chance.
    It has a super positive sound to it, but in English you use it like you use “risk”.
    It sounds like you? want to be addicted.
    “There’s a chance of getting addicted to liquor. ”
    “There’s a risk of getting addicted to liquor. ”
    Or you could use likelihood for a more objective sound.

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