Update on SWAT Abuse in Columbia, MO.


Update on SWAT Abuse in Columbia, MO. – “An internal review says Columbia Missouri police officers acted appropriately during a February drug raid that led to the shooting death of a dog.” Targeting: The Governor of MO, Mayor Bob McDavid, Citizens for Police Review, see more…The Governor of MO, Mayor Bob McDavid, Citizens for Police Review and City Prosecutor’s Office Some of the Columbia, MO. SWAT Identities… * Mayor Bob McDavid * LT. Scott Young – SWAT Commander * Sergeant Roger Schlude – Columbia, Missouri PD * Thomas Quintana – Columbia, Mo PD * Michael Cavener – Columbia, Missouri PD * Robert Fox – Columbia, Missouri PD They took the life of an 8-month-old 24lb female Pit Bull that was wearing a pink sweater and maimed the family’s Welsh Corgi. Both dogs resided at the residence of 1501 Kinloch CT. Columbia Missouri 65203 in which they served a search warrant at 17:55 hours. The deceased female Pit Bull was confined within the residence. In their sworn narratives officer Sergeant Roger Schlude admits to shooting 3 bullets in the side and chest of the deceased dog instantly killing her. Officer Michael J Cavener admits to shooting the deceased dog one time and the dog yelped and ran. Officer Robert Fox admits to shooting the deceased dog in her head twice with 2 bullets instantly killing her. Thomas Quintana admits to shooting the dog 1 time in which the dog yelped and ran. 2 of the officers contend they instantly killed her in 2 seperate areas of the home in their sworn narratives. Officer Robert Fox


Missouri obtains million in Medicaid fraud settlement

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By Anonymous Attorney General Chris Koster said today that Missouri will receive $ 15 million in a Medicaid fraud settlement with Abbott Laboratories over allegations of illegal off-label marketing of its drug Depakote. The allegations related to this …
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21 Responses to Update on SWAT Abuse in Columbia, MO.

  • Texassurvivalranger says:

    If this man was wanted for a crime what is the problem with picking him up somewhere else. Is there really a point in a raid. SWAT’s intent when it was first conceive was to be used to bring a really bad situation to an end quickly and protect innocents (ie. Hostage). I support law enforcement but this is not? right

  • albertsbuttons1 says:

    No sir, you are wrong. They need? to be SHOT!

  • albertsbuttons1 says:

    Where is Charles Bronson when ya need him? This country needs more vigilantes for all the “out of control” bastards wearing? a badge!

  • 2985steven says:

    Fucking cops?

  • prreed34 says:

    U fucking cunts shoot a dog that’s just protecting its? family…rot in hell

  • itsmejimjones1931 says:

    Colunbia police? review the actions of Columbia police??? Seems to me if I was allowed to conduct a closed to the public investigation into every crime I commited I’d rule in my favor everytime too!!! You know cause I’m a fair and impartial professional.

  • E9Project says:

    what the hell man “whats your name?” you have a search warrant? for the bastard you know his name dip shit. what is this shit honestly i mean this is alot of people and guns for a simple family here whats the deal? and the dog has to get shot what the fuck is that shit?

  • MrChrisMcPhail2 says:

    Same here!?

  • fdhoe says:

    lousy fucks i woulda died cuz ida? shot all theses fucks

  • evernetherall says:


  • m1auser says:

    i hope you enjoy the spit thats in your food when you eat on a break in uniform!! Peace Out you Imperialist Bacon fuckers!!?

  • m1auser says:

    o & one more thing you are Weak & are a bunch of Cowards! You did all that over a WEED pipe & a misd. amount of WEED, what fools you are. A knock warrant would have been enough. & understand this Columbia Storm Troopers? that verbal judo shit does not work on everyone!

  • m1auser says:

    who ever those cops are in that raid you are ALL the REAL criminals. Sun set clause you remember that? Yes you do it was before people like you COPs stomped all over the Const. You took a Oath when you put on that Badge! & it is apparent? that you have forgot that as well. This Dark period of Tyranny- “We the People” are in is coming to a End. DONT TREAD ON ME-RON PAUL

  • Survivalist86 says:

    The Ghestapo is alive? and well in Missouri

  • filefish949 says:

    whoops? wrong house

  • DestroyedXDivinity says:

    Wtf are they shooting those dogs for if they didn’t attack? them? What if it was a fucking baby? How the fuck are they able to do that?

  • MGOFadeToBlack says:

    The only way this would? be funny if they raided my freinds house… ( hes a green beret and his freind who lives also in his house is a paratrooper)

  • dloc231 says:

    im ashamed im ashamed of what we have let happen to our country im ashamed we allow this to go on im ashamed we dont have the balls to fight back who have we become as i sit and look at my 2 best friends i could let this happen this wrong not just the killing of the dogs the whole thing this nazi’s bullshit i feel for that family a the child a 7 yearold kid have we become monsters this isnt america this isnt what we are its time people kiss the your wifes good bye men we? are off to war

  • handyman1017 says:

    These cops look like soldiers on the battlefield. When SWAT was first instituted in places like LA, it was very controversial. Until then, paramilitary police organizations were confined to third? world fascist states. Now we’ve got them, too, thanks to right-wing politicians and two-faced phonies on the left, as well. Note how some of these dumb, pumped-up cops obviously have very limited educations. They probably sold some of the drugs on the side, if there were any.

  • fred06061 says:

    Check my channel page for the freedomguide? link? to Down Load the Police Report of this SWAT raid tragedy.

  • fred06061 says:

    You can? Down Load the police report from the link? on the 2nd commenter? here

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