The Group – an Introduction by the Director


The Group – An Introduction by the Director – For more info visit The Group is a A feature-length documentary retracing a young man’s five year journey through the world of adolescent drug abuse programs. Across the country there exists a network of adolescent drug abuse programs known, collectively, as The Group. This organization, while claiming to have rescued thousands of teens from the horrors of drug addiction, has been repeatedly accused of using cult-like practices to control its teenage followers and their concerned families. In 1990, at the age of thirteen, filmmaker Jacob Brady entered The Group and would remain a member for the next five years. During this time he was twice admitted to month-long in-patient hospital stays at group-affiliated facilities, forced to cut ties with family and friends, sent to live across the country with fellow group members and encouraged to drop out of high school. Also, during this time, Jacob became a rising star in the organization. Serving as a Group leader in St. Louis and Atlanta, helping to recruit new members, establishing a new chapter in the Atlanta suburbs, organizing Group-sponsored events and preparing to become a Group counselor. All before he turned eighteen. All without having a drug addiction. The Group is a feature-length documentary that retraces Jacob’s five year journey through the world of adolescent drug abuse programs. Through interviews with former members, archival photographs and expert witnesses, The Group tells the often


Man gets 20 years for role in St. Charles drug deal murder

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Tory T. Brooks, 22, pleaded no contest in May to charges of second-degree murder, attempted robbery and two counts of armed criminal action in the death of former pro football player Brandon Joyce, 26, during what officials said was a drug deal gone bad.


ABC5 News Des Moines, IAThai police get death penalty in drug war killing

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Senate Republicans have blocked confirmation of a U.S. appeals court nominee from Oklahoma, despite his bipartisan support.More >>. Senate Republicans have … suspect was a murder-suicide.More >>. Police said a man was reading in his suburban St …
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210000 designer drug packets seized in 6 states

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St. Louis-area police and prosecutors say the nationwide crackdown on synthetic designer drugs is fair warning to makers, distributors and sellers: Authorities are coming after you. The Drug Enforcement Administration on Thursday announced that it had …
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