Drug Treatment Centers St. Louis: Treatment Options for Schizophrenia

As medical science evolve and the understanding of people about the physiological, anatomical and pathological increase, more modern medications are coming into use. Today, Schizophrenia can be treated in many ways.

Rehabilitation – The aim of rehabilitation is to enable the Schizophrenic patient to be self sufficient and capable of earning a living. Rehabilitation centers provide job oriented training, teaches them how to solve problems, manage money, use public transport, behave in society and intermingle with people. There are several well-known Rehabilitation centers in US like Hanblaceya in San Diego, Anne Sippi Clinics in Los Angeles and Christian Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

Medications – The drugs used for the treatment of Schizophrenic patients fall under the major category of antipsychotic drugs. The main task of the drugs are used to suppress the activity of the dopamine. Some of the different types of antipsychotic drugs that are used commonly for treating Schizophrenic patients are:

1. Chlorpromazine 2. Triflupromazine 3. Thioridazine 4. Trifluoperazine 5. Perphenazine 6. Fluphenazine 7. Haloperidol 8. Trifluperidol 9. Penfluridol 10. Flupenthixol

These drugs are known as the First Generation antipsychotic drugs and were launched in 1950. Usage of these drugs, relieve the patient of hallucinations, delusions, nebulous thinking, aggressiveness, hyperactivity and other psychotic symptoms. However, while using these drugs there is possibility of occurrence of certain side effects like sedation, drying of mouth, restlessness in movement, hypersensitivity reaction, lowering of blood pressure, dizziness, constipation, loss of libido, osteoporosis, priapism (this has nothing to do with sexual desire, it is very painful for the patient and in severe cases it can result in permanent impotence).

In order to address multiple side effects caused by the usage of first generation antipsychotic drugs another generation named as The second generation of the antipsychotic drugs was launched. These drugs are also known as Atypical antipsychotic drugs. Some of these drugs are:

1. Clozapine 2. Riperidone 3. Olanzapine 4. Quetiapine 5. Ziprasidone 6. Aripiprazole

Educating the family of the Schizophrenic patients – It is very important for families living with Schizophrenia patient to know and understand the mental disorder. Only by doing so, families will be able to provide care, concern and love for Schizophrenia patients in the right way. Education plays a very important role of a family who is living with a Schizophrenia patient and has intention to help treat him at home. The family members need to be vigilant and check constantly if the patient is taking his medicines regularly and on time. Also they need to be patient and need to avoid any sarcasm of the patient.

Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy plays a very important role in helping Schizophrenic patients manage and control the disorder which might not be completely cured by taking drugs and medication. During a psychotherapy session, a psychologist or psychotherapist will interact with the patient and listens to him on a regular basis.

The psychotherapist role is to help the patient to understand the real picture and control his hallucinations. Schizophrenia patients can also learn certain technique that teaches them how to differentiate whether their five senses are picking up real or imaginative objects.

Schizophrenia is a disabling mental condition that is extremely complicated and hard to understand. This disorder is affecting up to 2 million people in USA today. You can visit Clivir.com to find out more schizophrenia diagnosis and paranoid schizophrenia symptoms.

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