When Ovechkin, Semin and Varlamov Were Sitting Home in Russia?

Question by Bob Loblaw Trois: When Ovechkin, Semin and Varlamov were sitting home in Russia?
Watching Crosby and the Pens hoist the Stanley Cup on TV, do you suppose they doubled their steroid dosage?

Do you think they took turns injecting each other in the buttocks? Did Ovechkin inject Semin in the rear-end?

On a more serious note, it is said that Barry Bonds started taking steroids after a road trip to St.Louis and seeing the attention that Mark McGwire was getting and he became jealous and said, “I am better than that white boy” and started going nuts on the stuff. (read it in a book).

Should the NHL get TOUGH on drug testing…..to nip it in the butt before it becomes a problem or a blackeye a la baseball? (if it isn’t already)

Just clued into me that ALL THREE Hart Finalists are Russian….hmmm

Do you see Datsyuk coming up the rear of Ovechkin and Malkin to pull it out? (think subliminally)

BTW…those are classic lines, feel free to use them yourself.

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10 Responses to When Ovechkin, Semin and Varlamov Were Sitting Home in Russia?


    I would say they should at least do one surprise forced screening of everyone but saying that a screening like that could stay anonymous has pretty much been shown to be impossible… like baseball… but based on how many people and who failed you could get a baseline on how much you needed to crack down.. i roids for power being a problem in hockey as much as i could understand them being a problem for their quick healing and injury turn around time….

  • beautiful stranger says:

    Malkinstein’s not on steroids, but he was jolted to life with electricity. Is that the next best thing?

    (Just kidding, I’m a NY fan of Malkin)

  • Casey G says:

    They should allow any drugs into any sport. Can you imagine baseball players hitting the ball while on pcp? The argument is, what about the kids looking up to them. It’s ok for my daughter to idolize a imaginary purple dinosaur who has a sick liking for children but it’s not ok for a baseball player who has small balls and big arms?

  • uofmfan101 says:

    It’s funny how Baseball has the worst drug problem when it’s the sport that involves the least amount of strength.

  • Stonewall Fleury (Killswitch) says:

    HAHA… I just noticed that too Bob! Even though, I’m sure it crossed my mind when the finalist were announced at first, (That all 3 of them are Russian).

    But I don’t think the NHL needs to get tough on this steroid issue. Hockey is a physical sport, and everybody who takes them knows it will take a tole on their body sooner or later. Which, CAN NOT happen to YOU in such a physical sport like hockey. Your body is already not going to be the same as it was when you first started in the NHL, so I don’t think these players can afford for the downfall part of taking steroids. I’m sure some players take the drug, maybe a lot more than I expect do, but it’s not an issue I don’t believe.

    But, I don’t see Datsyuk winning the Hart trophy. I thought Crosby should of been in it… but I guess with two Penguins, it would hurt both Malkin&Crosby thanks to it being an award saying you were the most valuable to your team. Which would probably give the nod to Ovechkin.

    As you said in one of my answers before, it’s going to be close… but I only think it’s going to be close between Ovechkin and Malkin.

    Hopefully Malkin pulls it out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ovechkin ended up winning it. Even though, I think having the most points, assists, and takeaways in the league should earn you MVP of the year.

    But that’s another topic, for another time, for another question.

  • Positively Damonic says:

    No but maybe Manny Ramirez is sharing his female fertility drugs with Crosby. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v210/JesGolbez/crosbymarry.jpg

    GO RUSSIA! GOLD IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cdn24fan says:

    I think if the NHL wants the steroid rumours to go away they have to get serious about testing. Next year being an olympic year we will have to assume that Ovechkin will be tested repeatedly, I wonder if he will be slightly less strong on the puck next year.

    I wonder if there are guys that have off season’s in olympic years- I know their testing is more stringent.

    It would be bad if we have a Ben Johnson moment and some one from the gold medal winner fails a drug test three days later.

  • Little Bit of Lundqvist says:

    I do think they should get tough. The system sounded like a joke when I read about it…Not sure if it’s changed any. The NHL definitely needs to stop it before it starts…

    Pretty soon we’ll start finding out guys like Gretzky were beefing themselves up with the roids…

    I personally don’t want to see anyone injecting Semin anywhere…

  • Hearty says:

    LMAO Bob!

    As for drug testing – YES –

    The NHL needs to get random drug testing done by an outside agency like WADA. Otherwise, people will always doubt that the NHL is steroid free.

    Did babe Ruth eat hot dogs made from animals injected with steroids?

  • sgoldperson says:

    Hey Casey you have to watch who you put on PCP, after all look at Doc Ellis on Acid(years later admitted he was on acid when he threw the perfect game, and says the ball was telling him what pitch to throw). To a degree I agree with let them do whatever they want. Just treat them like they are DOING A JOB. If they are acting funny give them a drug test, just like any of the rest of us would face. Sure most of us wouldn’t use ‘roids for our job, but we also don’t face drug testing if for some reason we wanted to.

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