Why Is My Mom Like This?

Question by : Why is my mom like this?
I’m 15, but I’m not the average. I went to rehab for alcohol & drug addiction. I moved back in with my mom in Oklahoma after a 11 month stay living in two different locations- Branson & Kansas city Missouri. She CONSTANTLY complains. I do nothing, & I’m not just denying it and actually do stuff to make her mad. She constantly uses my past against me.

But I mention one thing she’s done in her past-she goes nuts. She acts like she has no flaws & I feel like I hardly know her because she refuses to talk about her mistakes so we have no deep bond.

What’s causing this?
Btw, she is a good mom & she’s done so much for me
but I can’t hardly stand her pointing out EVERY flaw and throwing my past in my
face when she has one too.

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